Author: Patrick Almogela

Check Out the Queenfish!

Our queenfish, Kristin Roberson, earned her Travel Marketing Professional Certification from Southeast Tourism Society Marketing College on April 9th! Kristin was one of 37 new TMPs (Travel Marketing Professionals) recognized at the Southeast Tourism Society’s spring meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. STS Marketing College started in 1992 and, to date, 879 people have earned their… Read more »

Hot off the Press: The Latest Facebook “Un-Facts”

New App: Insta-Gossip! When I was in middle school, I remember playing a fun classroom game called “telephone.” It started with the teacher whispering a phrase to a student, who would then whisper what he/she heard to the next student, and so on until it reached the last student. The rules were pretty basic: #1)… Read more »

Marketing Superhero

As some may have noticed, our account managers refer to themselves as Marketing Superheroes. You may wonder why, considering what type of superpower could an individual who works at a boutique marketing firm obtain? Each of our account managers is relied on to manage social media marketing, obtain website management, create unique marketing strategies, develop top… Read more »

Your 2015 Social Media Strategy

Tips on Creating Your 2015 Social Media Strategy “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” –Winston Churchill. You make plans for retirement. You make plans for Christmas vacation. You even make plans for what you’re going to buy at the grocery store this evening. So why not make plans for your social media? Planning… Read more »

Social Media for Business

Why is social media for business more important today? For many business owners and managers, it’s hard to understand why social media for business is so important. You have plenty of daily demands while running your business, so why add the burden of managing a social media account? The reality is that having a social… Read more »

The Pink Fish Story

When is the last time you saw a pink fish? I can vividly remember recently seeing these beauties while visiting my son’s doctor, at the aquarium in New Orleans, and while dining at a local seafood restaurant. Do you recall the last time you saw a grey fish, black fish, or tan fish? Probably not,… Read more »

Welcome to our New Site!

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